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Nautilus Series
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Nautilus #3
Nautilus #7
Nautilus #13
Nautilus #17
Nautilus #14
Nautilus #15A
These images are color photographs (Type C Prints) and are in limited edition of twenty five. Sizes in general are based on photographic paper sizes or image size on 16' x 20' paper is about 15" x 15" priced at $600 each and they are also available at image size approximately 27" x 27" priced at $1200 each unframed. Shippping and insurance is additional.

Description of Process
Photography, like painting is a plastic medium, subject to manipulation by the artist. By consciously controlling the relationship between light and light-sensitive materials, I am interested in pushing the boundaries of the medium beyond its traditional limits. In one sense, this process of manipulation is purely an application of the principles of photographic color theory. By sequentially "painting" with primary additive light sources ( red, green, blue light) in varying and controlled amounts, all the colors of the visible spectrum are introduced onto the film. Simultaneously, the secondary color system, the substractive colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) are produced in the shadow areas of the composition's subjects, creating subtle interplay of visual harmonics.